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Hi there, glad you stopped by.  Check out my latest posts      . . . talk about your favorite books … maybe tell me a  ghost story… or give me some new ideas for my next mystery…

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I love to hear from my readers…


                So please check out my posts in the column on the right…  See what’s new…  Then head to your bookstore or library, stock up with  big pile of yummy new books.  I’ve got such piles myself, just sitting here waiting for me to have time to dive into them.   

                Get off the computer!  (with seven children, I can’t help but sound like  mom… Sorry.)  Still, go ahead.  Curl up in an armchair instead, or in a  corner of the couch, or under your bed, or in a hammock, or lying out in the back˙garden.  … and just READ!



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