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Hello, dear Readers!

kathryn dec 2014

Hello, dear readers!

I’ve been posting things on my Facebook Author Page, on Twitter, and on Goodreads, but a lot of my very favorite fans don’t head to those places but come right here–to my author website–and so I want to write to YOU here.  And hear back from you!

To start, let me say that… Yes!  A couple new books are in the works.  The first one coming out very soon is called MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL, and it’s the long-awaited sequel to BLACKTHORN WINTER.  So if you haven’t read Blackthorn Winter yet, this would be a good time to read it… and then you’ll be ready when the new book comes out!  Another manuscript I’m revising is one I know a lot of you have been hoping for, and that’s a new Miranda novel.  Yes!  The same Miranda you first met in TIME WINDOWS when she was thirteen, and followed again in PALE PHOENIX when she was fifteen!  Now, in SUDDEN LIGHT, she is seventeen . . . and oh, my goodness, she’s in a lot of trouble.  But I can’t tell you more about this book until I finish the revisions.  Stay tuned!

You’ve sent me some lovely letters, and many of you ask where I got my ideas for my various novels, and which (if any) are ‘true’ stories… and so I thought I’d do a sort of countdown to MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL’s debut by telling you a little about each of the previous books. Not just blurbs you can read on the back covers or online, but tidbits of info that nobody knows!

The first one will be:

 Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Time Windows

Check it out!   And thanks for visiting my website.  I hope you will come back often.