MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL is waiting for you to read it!

Oh my goodness, this has been a LONG journey! Finally, finally, finally MURDER AT HEATHERSTONE HALL is available to you, my patient readers. Thank you for sticking with me as this book–the long-awaited sequel so many of you have written to me asking for–made its bumpy journey into print. This is the novel that sprang from my imagination–encouraged by the fans who wrote to me, asking for another Juliana mystery–and was bought by Harcourt but fell victim, as so many books in production did, to the publishing merger with Houghton Mifflin. My book fell by the wayside until my literary agent got me the rights back… and I decided to make it available both as a print book and an ebook. The ebook is coming soon, but the print edition is ready and waiting for you NOW. I hope very much you buy it, give it as gifts to your mystery-loving friends, and enjoy the story. Thank you all for your support! I’m excited to hear back from you after you’ve read the mystery.

ORDER HERE! Murder at Heatherstone Hall

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